Things to do in Casco Viejo

Jazz is part of Panama´s music history

As our admired Danilo Pérez said "It is not something imported, we are part of its history and it was always here, it was practically part of our urban folklore" We invite you to enjoy a night of jazz at the Danilo Jazz Club.

An afternoon of artisanal rum in Casco Viejo

Pedro Mandinga Panamá Rum is the first artisan distillery in Panama, it is inspired by Pedro Mandinga, a legendary figure in the history of Panama. He was the chief of the Cimarrones, the first African community that fled from slavery in the sixteenth century and built small hidden populations along the Caribbean coast. Ask our concierge department and we will gladly organize private tastings.

Oh authentic Panamanian chocolate!

The cocoa that produces the Isthmus of Panama is so precious that previously 98% was imported, so making Panamanian chocolate for local consumption was unthinkable, thanks to the impetus of some this is no longer the norm. Tropical Chocolate coffee, invites us to a sophisticated sensory journey from the cocoa plant to discover everything about the final product in an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Our concierge department would happily arrange your visit to this chocolate heaven.

Shopping in Casco Viejo

Our neighborhood is full of small boutique shops where you will find everything from classic souvenirs to your new favorite accessory. We organize shopping tours according to your tastes.

The classic does not go out of style

Enjoy a refreshing raspao while walking the streets of Casco Viejo, choose the flavor, ask the raspadero to put an additional spoon of honey and continue your way.

El Casco and its landscape

The highest point of Plaza Las Bóvedas allows us to enjoy an impressive view of the modern Panamanian city, during the day you can see how the tall buildings meet the blue sky and at night the stars, the light and a very moving city allows you to see another face of Panama.

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