Beaches of Panama

Archipiélago de Las Perlas (Pearl Islands)

Only 30 miles from Panama City, crystalline waters and delightful white sand beaches surround the Archipiélago de Las Perlas. It is very popular for fishing, sailing and whale watching.


Relax in an exclusive beach community and play a round of golf in its Jack Nicklaus-designed 18-hole course.


Deep into the Pacific Coast of Panama, Venao Beach offers one of Panama’s most consistent beach breaks for surfing and a peaceful environment for yoga retreats surrounded by wild vegetation. We advise you to keep your eyes on the horizon for humpback whales, especially from July to October.

Santa Catalina & Coiba

Kept secret for years by Panama’s surfing elite, Santa Catalina offers some of the greatest variety and consistency of surf conditions in the world and is the prime surf destination of Panama. We highly recommend taking a boat to Coiba National Marine Park, a UNESCO heritage site located only 23 miles offshore. Best known for its scuba diving and exuberant biodiversity, it is the largest island in Central America.

Boca Chica (Gulf of Chiriquí)

A small fishing village located in the Pacific Coast that acts like the gateway for the Gulf of Chiriquí. Although it is still off-the-radar for most tourists, it is one of the best spots for sport fishing in Panama due to its vast marine biodiversity, pristine natural beauty and charming eco-boutique lodging options.

San Blas (Guna Yala)

One of Panama’s gems, the Comarca Guna Yala consists of approximately 365 small islands with palm trees, white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. These idyllic islands are great for snorkeling, swimming, visiting Kuna indigenous communities, or simply enjoying mind-blowing sunsets.

Bocas del Toro

Living at its own pace, Bocas is a slice of Caribbean paradise located in northern Panama near the Costa Rican border. This archipelago is a famous surfing destination with overwhelming natural beauty, great tropical vibes and a variety of restaurants, bars and beach clubs.

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