About Us

La Concordia was born from a conversation between two Spanish teenage siblings on a beach in Southeast Asia, where they daydreamed about a future in which they would create something together.

Marc and Eva Fornos grew up between Spain, France and Belgium, and thanks to their international education, they became very curious about the different cultures around the globe. With every family trip, they felt more and more passionate about traveling, and so hotels became their second home and a focal point when choosing a new destination.

This passion they shared drew them to enter the world of hospitality, completing their university studies, Marc in Barcelona ​​and Eva in Switzerland.

Little did they know that, shortly after graduating, their dream would begin to become a reality…

While Marc was gaining experience working for an internationally renowned hotel chain in Barcelona, ​​Eva decided to cross the pond to support a friend opening his hotel on a Panamanian Pacific beach. A few days after landing, she began exploring every corner of this country with which she ended up falling deeply in love.

A couple of years later walking through Casco Viejo, which at that time was mostly composed of dilapidated buildings, Eva discovered a property that seemed to be taken from a classic movie and of spectacular beauty, which coincidently was for sale. Her vision was clear and her focus even clearer. She called her family to tell them about her discovery, and so they decided to begin making their dream, a reality.

In June 2012, the Fornos family bought what was, at that time, only the façade of what we see today. In November 2014, Marc moved to Panama to supervise the interior construction and exterior restoration with his sister and, in mid-2017, their dream finally came true.

Today la Concordia Boutique Hotel has received the Grand Prize of the Contest for the Best Works of Architecture of the year 2018 and has become an icon of tourism in Casco Viejo and Panama City.

More importantly than any award, this Hotel represents the effort, love, experiences and dedication of a family and a great team that gives, day by day, all of their heart and soul to create a unique, high-quality hotel experience with the human warmth of a home.

We keep on working hard to make your stay with us unforgettable, hoping you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy hosting you. We are here for you, to share and upgrade your experience in this beautiful country.

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